Data Solution Company that uses Helicopter, Drone, and Mobile Platforms.

Company Spotlight

SkySkopes is a geospatial data acquisition company providing innovative technology solutions to its customers. We specialize in aerial data acquisition using advanced manned and unmanned aircraft equipped with cutting edge sensor solutions. Uniquely, we combine the data collection services with internal data processing and geospatial teams to provide end-to-end solutions that can be tailored for each client. SkySkopes brings an extensive background of expertise in implementing critical safety procedures and processes into our workflow for professional and efficient operations for our customers. The company was founded in 2014 with headquarters in Minot, ND. The company also has offices in Minneapolis, MN, Fort Worth, TX, Camarillo, CA and Phoenix, AZ.  SkySkopes thrives on our ability to solve unique and challenging problems across a wide range of energy verticals. We offer Visual Inspections, IR Inspections, LiDAR Mapping, OGI Inspections, Helicopter Methane Detection, Asset Inspection and Data Analysis, Magnetometer, GIS Integration and Services,  Right of Way Mapping & Monitoring, and Flare Inspection/Cleaning.