Dakota Land Services, Inc.

Company Spotlight

Dakota Land Services, Inc is a full service Oil, Gas, and Right of Way Land consulting and project management firm for the Oil & Gas Pipeline Gathering, Midstream, and Interstate projects, Telecommunications, Transportation, and Renewable Energy industries. DLS has extensive experience and the proven ability to manage multi-scale projects with time and cost efficient deliverables. DLS agents have been active participants in some of the industry’s largest projects since being founded in 2007.

We work with clients from the beginning of their projects with route selection, feasibility studies, and obtain survey permission for proposed corridors. We Determine ownership through Tax Roles, Deeds at the County Recorder's office and Clerk of Courts. This information is used to complete Surface Title Reports and Mineral Title Reports, including incumbencies from existing Easements, Mortgages, Liens & Judgments. We Acquire Utility Easements, Oil & Gas Leases, Surface Use Agreements, Temporary Workspaces, damage settlement, Permit County, State & Federal Road crossings. During construction Liaison is provided to insure working relationships with Landowners and construction crews.