Accel Fusion LLC

Company Spotlight

Accel Fusion is an independently owned company using reliable mobile field equipment for fusing HDPE pipe more efficiently than conventional methods.

Our operators are certified through a rigorous training program to virtually eliminate weld failures. The MobileFusion® Trac’s design allows for a safer operation with less exposure with most of the manual functions automated to reduce many of the hazards associated with HDPE pipe fusing. The fusion operation is computer controlled.

We provide accurate data logging and reports for our customers. The MobileFusion® Trac’s cab not only provides protection from the environment for our operators but allows for a controlled environment for the fusion process itself. This takes the effects of dust, rain, heat, and cold out of the fusing operation yielding a consistent and quality result for each weld. Contact Accel Fusion for a consultation, or with any questions or comments you might have. Thank you for visiting Accel Fusion. We appreciate your consideration.

Accel Fusion Services:

Quality Assurance
Accel Fusion is an ASTM International Organizational Member adhering to the standards of ASTM F2620 for the standard practice for heat fusion joining of polyethylene pipe and fittings. We can provide the joint reports from the DataLoggers to our customers upon demand in their format of choice.

Inspections and Testing
We have certified fusion weld inspections available. We offer the capability to perform weld strength tests and side bend tests as a service to our clients. We also offer hydrostatic testing of polyethylene pressure piping systems. For safety reasons, many manufacturers prohibit pneumatic pressure testing of their pipe. We can provide Hydrostatic testing of the pipe following ASTM Standards F2164-10 and the charting and reporting of the results.