Compass SWD

Company Description

North Dakota Locations:

Compass SWD has seven SWD locations in North Dakota predominately along the Highway 200 and Highway 85 corridor in Dunn County.  Each location has full truck turn-around and bathroom facilities.  Please contact us for current disposal rates and ask us about volume discounts.

Our Mission Statement

To be the best oilfield services company in North Dakota by providing  a fun and safe environment for our employees and customers through regimented processes and ideal work environment.

Why do business with us?

Ask others!!!  We are here to improve to attract your business.  While we provide intermittent enhancements such as food trucks, we want to earn your long term business.  We are a small business versus a large corporation just trying to earn your business.


WellPhysical AddressLat/LongNDIC #
Blue Marlin SWD 112250 HWY 20047.352624, -103.08769490201
Killdeer, ND 58640
Dimmick Lake SWD 13252 113th Ave NW47.88544689, -102.9978662028
Keene, ND 58847
Hausauer 22-2 SWD349 92nd Ave SW47.36222656, -102.51129079601
Halliday, ND 58636
H.T. Knudtson 112926 15th St SW47.19547183, -103.226360697520
Fairfield, ND 58627
Kohn SWD 1755 89thAve SW47.30833544, -102.38055077346
Halliday, ND 58636
Kordonowy-Twin 34-3112535 24th Street SW47.06908126, -103.145538719200
Belfield, ND 58622
Zenith-Newton Unit 5 SWD12875 38th St SW46.86533652, -103.1626730611153
Belfield, ND 58622


  • Water Disposal