WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc.

Company Description

WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. began in 2003 as a one-stop, informative monthly publication focusing on drilling professionals and their specific wants and needs, worldwide. Whether you are a drill operator, supplier, distributor, or manufacturer, WWDR has something for you!

The company’s mission is to serve the drilling industry all over the world. It is the only drilling magazine traveling to an average of 40 international trade events annually, bringing the most up-to-date industry trends in services, equipment, and technology to the forefront so drilling contractors can confidently perform their jobs in the most efficient manner possible. The WWDR Team can easily be identified by their bright red jackets as they travel the world photographing and documenting events, products, and people.

From construction / geotechnical, directional, environmental, exploration / blasthole, shallow gas and oil, to geothermal, mining, and water, WWDR is known throughout the industry as THE RESOURCE for drilling information. The website,, has become a top search with Google, connecting tens of thousands of drilling experts and beginners all over the world. The WWDR Team works tirelessly to keep the website and magazine relevant and current to serve the industry effectively. A reliable print resource magazine is delivered each month. Current and archive issues are also available online in a mobile-friendly format for easy viewing on a smartphone or tablet.

WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. is here to serve you - the drilling industry. The company’s friendly group of sales and editorial staff are committed to the success of the international drilling community. Best of all, the print magazine is absolutely FREE for anyone working in the industry, thanks to the support of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors worldwide!



  • Cementing Services
  • Custom Holes / Piers / Foundations
  • Directional Drilling
  • Drilling Contractors
  • Drilling Rigs
  • Drilling Services
  • Drilling Supplies
  • Solids Control