Basin Well Service, Inc.

Company Description

Throughout the life of your well, you will need a workover rig to provide services, on average, seven or eight times before the well is abandoned.

Basin Well Service uses compact set-up and low maintenance workover rigs to ensure optimal service performance for our customers.

Our three “Service King” service rigs and equipment are all designed with the quickest assembly time and weight restrictions in mind for traveling on North Dakota roads throughout the Williston Basin.

  • 3 Rigs with 3 to 5 man crews providing the following services:
    • Stimulation
    • Completion
    • Plugging
    • Pump Replacement
    • Rod Replacement
    • Fishing

Drill Pipe Repairs

  • Connection / Inspection / Repair


  • BOP Service/Rental
  • Drilling Rigs
  • Equipment Rental

Equipment & Supplies

  • Workover Rigs

Plugging / Abandonment Work

  • Plugging / Abandonment Work