Xylem, Inc.

Company Description

We’re a global leader in large-scale engineered water technology projects that designs, builds, and operates scalable, turnkey systems that help cities and industries solve complex, challenging water problems. We offer both fast-track, temporary, emergency response and reliable, cost-effective, long-term options. Our location provides rental and sales options for Xylem’s Godwin diesel driven Transfer and Bypass pumps, Flygt Dewatering pumps, and Goulds Vertical Turbine pumps as well as service work for all brands.



  • Water Filtration
  • Water Transfers


  • Equipment Rental
  • Municipal and Hauled Wastewater Treatment

Equipment & Supplies

  • Equipment Rental / Repairs
  • Equipment Supply / Manufacturer
  • Light Towers
  • Specialty Pumping (Produced Water)
  • Stainless and Nichel Alloys
  • Supply Companies

Equipment Sales

  • Meter Calibration, Sales, Repair & Installation
  • Meter Sales
  • PE Fusion Equipment
  • Water Pumps

Flowback / Production Testing

  • Specialty Pumping (Produced Water)

Professional Services

  • Coal Industry Maintenance
  • Fire Protection
  • Refining
  • Remote Monitoring


  • Water Transfer

Water / Sewage Treatment & Wastewater

  • Water / Sewage Treatment & Wastewater