Neset Consulting Service

Company Description

Neset Consulting Service is a full-service oilfield consulting company.  Founded in 1980 in Tioga, North Dakota the company has grown to encompass all aspects of geology and engineering, drilling, completion, and production services.  Located in the heart of the Williston Basin, Neset Consulting Service stood the test of the oilfield boom and bust cycle.  After working on over 5,700 oil and gas wells, we understand the strict regulatory standards of the Federal and State Governments.  Neset Consulting Service has developed a strong reputation for reliability, excellence, knowledge, professionalism, productivity, and efficiency. Neset Consulting Service can assist from planning to post-production and offers 24/7 professional support for all services, both remote and onsite.  Competitively priced service packages are tailored to the needs of every client. 

Neset Consulting Service is a one-stop-shop; our team members include: Petroleum Engineers, Operations Geologist, Wellsite Geologist, Technical Geo-steering Analyst, Directional Drillers, Drilling Consultants, Frac Consultants, Production Consultants, Clean out Consultants, Risk Management Consultants, Exploration Consultants, Permitting Technicians, Gas Technicians, Regulatory Compliance Officer, Flow Testers, Contract Lease Operators, Leak Detection and Reporting (Certified with FLIR GF320), Top Soil Reclamation Products and more.


Architects / Engineers

  • Completions Engineering
  • Drilling Engineering
  • Engineering Services
  • Facility Design / Construct
  • Fracturing Optimization
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Re-fracturing Design and Execution


  • Salt Water Disposal


  • Completions Engineering & Operations
  • Consultants
  • Consulting - General Oilfield
  • Consulting - Reserves and Economics
  • Drilling Engineering & Optimization
  • Frac Consulting
  • Re-fracturing Design & Execution


  • Directional Drilling
  • Drilling Contractors
  • Drilling Services

Environmental Services

  • Environmental Services
  • GIS / CAD / Data Management and Visualization


  • Gas Analytical
  • Gas Measurement

Oil Well Service

  • Pad / Road Maintenance

Producers - Exploration, Production & Development

  • Contract Pumping / Lease Operators

Professional Services

  • Contract Operating

Reclamation Products

  • Snow Removal

Remote Geosteering

  • Remote Geosteering