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Barr Engineering Co.

Mandar Nangare
234 W Century Ave
Bismarck, ND 58503
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Phone Number (701) 255-5471
Phone (602) 540-2106
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Product Description

Barr Engineering Co. is an employee-owned consulting company integrating engineering and environmental expertise to help clients develop, manage, process, and restore natural resources. We serve the fuels, power, mining, and manufacturing sectors, public-sector clients, and others with complex problems. We have over 800 employees and 10 offices across North America, including one in Bismarck, as well as a satellite office in Williston.

For over four decades, Barr has provided integrated engineering and environmental services to clients working on oil and gas exploration and production, at refineries, and with pipelines and terminals. We’re familiar with feedstocks, processes, products—and the associated challenges.

Barr provides engineering and design and environmental services for construction, operations, and regulatory permitting and compliance projects. We also work with clients on projects involving release response, investigation and cleanup, fate and transport modeling, long-term remediation, and site restoration and reclamation. 
For more information on Barr's services for clients in the petroleum industry, please contact Mandar Nangare

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