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Go Wireline, LLC


Go Wireline, LLC

Roger M Stout
Sales and Marketing Manager
Post Office Box 1343
Williston, ND 58802
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Phone Number (701) 572-0886
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Fax (701) 572-0887
Product Description
GO Wireline, the only locally owned and operated wireline company in the Williston Basin, provides the highest quality wireline services in the Bakken.  GO Wireline has the experience, training, ethics, and commitment to do the job right and to do the job efficiently. GO Wireline utilizes top of the line equipment with a strict maintenance schedule to limit issues in the field, saving customers time and money.

GO Wireline strives to provide customers with solutions to any issue, even those that require creative, outside of the box solutions. With industry-leading experience in tubing conveyed perforating, logging, perforating and pipe recovery, GO Wireline is able to accomplish even the most challenging jobs.
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