Greer Steel Inc.

TENORM Measurement Solutions

Chris Focke Lab Supervisor
Bruce Samuels - Business Manager
12069 Highway 23
Watford City, ND 58854-
Phone Number (513) 288-2488
Email 2e6048b7-337c-4897-be39-215a28ed6dee
Company Description

KHK Consulting, LLC, M.H. Chew and Associates, Inc, and ANTECH, Corp. are doing business collectively as TENORM Measurement Solutions (TMS). TMS has developed their TENspec™ measurement methods providing rapid total radium activity concentration measurements of NORM and TENORM containing materials. From our local laboratory in Watford City, we pick up samples on location and provide principle health physicist reviewed results within 24 hours.

The TENspec™ Measurement Method has been approved by the North Dakota Department of Health for quantification of total radium comprised of Radium-226 and Radium-228 in NORM and TENORM wastes. TMS results provide customers with reassurance that their disposal decisions comply with state regulations.



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