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Company Description

Elecsys industrial monitoring and control solutions provide a complete, secure system for keeping industrial operations connected to their remote assets and equipment. Whether using our cloud-based data management services or bridging field data directly into existing systems, Elecsys solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into any enterprise infrastructure and the industrial internet of things (IIoT). Around the clock, the dependable and robust solutions provided by Elecsys are vital for ensuring safe and efficient operations in energy production and distribution, agriculture, water management, transportation, safety systems, aerospace, and the United States military. With tens of thousands of industrial data devices deployed in numerous industries around the world, customers rely on Elecsys to deliver critical data where and when it's needed.

Our "SentraLink" line of remote monitoring systems enable connection via cellular, satellite, or directly into a customer's host system, for data acquisition from any sensor/transducer type field device (4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, etc.). Additionally, we have a line of industrial "edge of network" data gateway devices that facilitate transport of serial data, in nearly any standard protocol (over 60 protocols supported), over cell, satellite, fiber-optic, IP data radio, etc. directly to a SCADA host system.

These gateway devices provide protocol conversion, bandwidth management, communication latency reduction, communication fail-over, and many other functions; streamlining and increasing the reliability of field data to host transmission. Lastly, our own managed web interface is MQTT enabled, providing cloud broker publish/subscribe data routing between any of our field devices and any host system supporting MQTT.

  • Rectifier Monitoring with Interruption
  • Rectifier Monitoring without Interruption
  • Test Point / Critical Bon Monitoring
  • Tank Monitoring
  • Flow Rate Monitoring
  • Corrosion Rate Monitoring
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