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Aspen Environmental Services

Natalie Paulsen

44 24th Street E
Dickinson, ND 58601-
Phone Number (701) 456-8139
Fax (701) 483-1814
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Company Description

Aspen Environmental Services is a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting & field services firm, specializing in regulations affecting the North Dakota oil and gas industry. Our primary areas of expertise are air quality compliance, soil, water, gas and crude oil sampling, technologically-enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM), spills, stormwater, environmental consultation and agency coordination. Current clients consist of western North Dakota oil and gas operators, industrial and oilfield service and trucking companies and agricultural sector.

Some of what we do includes:

·         EPA Method 22 smoke inspections

·         Air quality compliance assistance

·         Closed vent system and cover leak inspections

·         Infrared Camera Leak Inspections

·         Combustion control device (i.e. flare) manufacturer maintenance

·         Stack Emission Testing

·         Soil sampling, lab coordination and results analysis

·         Accumulated stormwater sampling

·     Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

·         Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

·         Wetland Determinations and Delineations

·         Storm Water Pollution Prevent Plans (SWPPPs), inspections and permitting

·         Reclamation plans, project management, monitoring and implementation

·         GIS mapping

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