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Ameritest Inc

Rachel Ford

Denver, CO -
Phone Number (701) 721-5055
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Company Description

Ameritest Inc delivers value and excellence as the leading provider of production testing equipment, services and rentals to the oil and gas industry in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Ameritest Inc specializes in flowback, production testing, workovers, and completion operations on all types of oil and gas wells, and offers a wide range of equipment for service or rent.

List of Services:

1. Flow back/ Well testing of all types and for all operations
- Senior Crews (20+ year experience) running specially designed equipment

  • Special ops including phasing, staging, critical sour, HP/HT etc.
  • Frac clean-up (5, 10 and 15k packages)
  • Coil tubing returns
  • Inline operations (green completions)
  • Abandonment bleed off (fully portable packages)
  • Pipeline bleed off
  • Sampling

2. Sand Mitigation Flowback

  • 90% Sand Capture Efficiency @100 Mesh
  • Real Time Sand Weight Data Reporting 24/7

3. Local well monitoring / trouble shooting / contract operating (24 hr) for existing wells

4. Production Lease Operators/ Contract Pumpers

5. Rentals

• Light Towers (20kw) • Sand Cans
• Generation Units • Junk Catchers
• Temporary Facility  • Ball Catchers 
   (Separation, Treating, & Flaring) • Air Trailers
• Line Heaters • Office Trailers
• ESD Systems • Flarestacks
• Manifolds & Iron  • Storage Vessels

6. Hotshots, light hauling

7. Location maintenance crews (Mowing, Painting, Fencing, General Clean up, Minor Spill)

8. Completion Consulting (contractors)

9. Well Testing Consulting

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