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Company Description
PetroCloud is an oil and gas automation and security company that enables its customers to remotely access, view, and control their locations, and equipment, using their mobile phone, tablet or computer. The system utilizes a proprietary cloud platform and advanced cellular technology to enable 2-way communications with field devices, gauges and sensors. Users can remotely interact with their devices: turn them on or off, configure and read them, set event triggers and take digital snapshots. The fully integrated HD camera with streaming video, night vision, and motion detection allows users to supervise projects or events remotely. The system is provided as a turn-key solution, designed end to end with the hardware, software, cloud platform, and IT infrastructure all pre-configured to work seamlessly together as a single integrated system, accessible only through the PetroCloud platform. In addition, the PetroCloud platform can communicate with virtually any field device and can greatly expand the service offerings available for channel partners by shipping pre-configured solutions for their devices allowing customers immediate access to their field devices through the web. PetroCloud has implemented a 3rd party certification process that ensures when the PetroCloud appliance is powered up on location it will automatically communicate with the desired field devices and be instantly accessible to the user using the PetroCloud platform. PetroCloud enables wireless integration by helping customers, partners, and manufacturers come together in ways like never before.
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